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Hello Lovelies!

Happy Hump Day! This week is going by a little too quickly for my liking. I know what you’re thinking, “But I thought you loved the weekend.” I do, but I also have tons of things to get done during the week so I can enjoy my weekend and as a known procrastinator I need as much time as possible to utilize my 75-25 work plan, procrastinate 75% of the time and work like a mad lady the other 25% of the time.

Even so, I still like to look professional and put together 100% of the time and this outfit does just that. As boring as it may seem, monochromatic outfits are my favorite when it comes to professional attire. Now this is mostly because it takes zero thought to put an outfit together because literally everything matches. However, I like to jazz things up a bit with bold makeup and accessories.  For this outfit I paired these great Culottes from H &M with a  cute Sweatshirt from Lane Bryant, necklace and watch from Forever 21 and fabulous Glitter Pointed Toe Flats from Steve Madden. Now my favorite part about this outfit is the versatility. Usually when you think of workwear you think of something that is uncomfortable and restricting, however because these culottes and sweatshirt combo have such a relaxed fit, I am comfortable enough to wear this outfit from a day of meetings to a night of fun. I think the idea of creating relaxed work wear is super important as the perfect combo of relaxed fit with chic and simple attire can create a look that is perfect for just about any occasion.

What are your go to pieces that can easily take you from day to night? Let me know and thanks for reading!

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Plus Size

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend filled with as much R &R as your little hearts can handle. I am coming to you today with a bit of a different kind of blog post, a bit of a think piece if you will. Please note that I am addressing a major topic in a fairly simple way and in no way have I begun to even scratch the surface of such a complex issue.

            Over the past few years, the visibility and acceptance of larger bodies has been on the rise. With this has come more discourse surrounding the notion of body positivity as well as the variant in what “healthy” looks like. Like many touchy subjects, there has been much debate on every single facet of this topic, right down to the terms used to describe these larger bodies. What is an acceptable word? Is Plus Size acceptable? Do we want to call ourselves Plus Size? Does Plus Size create further “othering?” Can we reclaim the term fat?  Who get’s to have a say in the words allowed to describe our bodies? Is there a distinction between Plus Size and Plus Sized? Truthfully, as a Plus Size Woman of Color I am truly torn on the word. However, in the discussion of terminology there is so much to take into account.

            Firstly, we must look at who should be determining the word that is acceptable to describe our bodies. The retailer Lane Bryant seemingly developed the word Plus Size in the 20s. However, I think it is very important to note that there was a distinction between Plus Size and Plus Sized, one describing clothes and the latter describing the person. But this still doesn’t explain why the word is necessary. Who deemed this distinction in women’s clothing necessary? Was it the Fashion Industry as a whole that made the use of the word a necessity? Well then that brings us back to my initial question, who should be allowed to determine what word we use to describe our bodies? I think looking at the phrasing of that sentence answers my question. Who should be allowed to determine what word we use to describe our bodies?  It is the body of the women who fall within the sizes 12 and up who should determine what they want to be called. Some women are comfortable with the term Plus Sized; while others are perfectly fine being called curvy,chubby, pleasantly plump, or even fat. However, I don’t think simply addressing terminology on such a simplistic level even scratches the complexity of our bodies.

            Connotation. No matter what we as larger women choose to call ourselves, the connotation behind many of these words have become associated with so many hurtful and bigoted things. As is expected, the number one thing is larger bodies equates to poor health, a sentiment that is simply not true. I cannot tell you how many times, since my teenage years, I have gone to the doctor and been tested for high cholesterol, diabetes, and so much more, all the be given a clean bill of health in the end. Now, this can also be partially credited to my status as a woman of color, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this was a smaller contributing factorin comparison to my size. There are no more or no less examples of Plus Size women who are active than there are women who fit into straight sizes. So, how do we go about addressing the connotation that has come along with so many of the words used to describe us? I guess this is where the reclaiming comes into play. I think we are in the wake of a Body Positivity movement addressing this very thing. With so many plus size bloggers, celebrities, and models making themselves visible, we have actively begun to address this. The simple act of being a happy Plus Size woman who is unashamed and unafraid of her body is an act of defiance that works to shatter preconceived notions. Now, I personally have no problem saying I am fat. However, when I say this around many of my smaller friends their palms get sweaty, eyes bulge, and pulse quickens as they leap to my defense and assure me that I am pretty and not fat. However, I quickly assure them that I am aware of my personal beauty and my fatness. This is when things get trickier. Why can’t my acceptance of my large body and my acceptance of my personal beauty go hand in hand? Why are these two things such polar opposites? I think beginning to break down backwards beauty ideals is one way to address this. While we continue to confront and oppose Eurocentric standards of beauty, we must do the same with standards of physique.

            When addressing the visibility of Plus Size women in media I don’t think we can go any further without addressing the single most used phrase that is utilized in hopes of making us internalize body bigotry, “glorifying obesity.” Anytime I see this phrase, mostly under Plus Size Fashion Blog Posts or Videos, so many questions spring to mind? How can existing in my body be glorifying obesity? How can simply refusing to hide your body in shame be glorifying obesity? I have come to realize that in the end the underlying message behind this overused and overstated phrase is that Plus Size women don’t deserve happiness, don’t deserve nice things, and most importantly don’t deserve to be accepted by anyone including themselves. This simply reinforces the idea that Plus Size women not only have something to be ashamed of but collectively owe an apology to anyone who has to gaze upon our bodies.

            As mentioned, Plus Size visibility in the media is on the rise. However, as our visibility grows so do the backhanded and bigoted remarks. Most recently was the debacle between Amy Schumer and Glamour Magazine. If you don’t know the details here’s a simple recap. Glamour Magazine teamed up with Lane Bryant to create a so-called “Plus Size Issue” with model Ashley Graham on the cover with Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Adele named as “Women Who Inspire Us.” Amy Schumer, who is a size 6/8 took offense to this as she was not consulted before hand to be asked if she would like to be included in the issue. Amy believes that this sends the wrong message to young girls if they think her body is Plus Sized. Glamour thinks that they were just applauding Amy’s efforts of body positivity. Now this whole thing is one big mess because firstly, like many issues the Body Positivity movement, and many news outlets discussing it conveniently forget that intersectionality is a thing. Secondly, Amy Schumer has dug a nice hole for herself by implying that she has a ‘normal’ body and it should be seen as such, while the Plus Size women being mentioned in the magazine along side her have different bodies, which much like Amy is problematic in its nature.

            This idea of the Plus Size body as different is why many others and I have such variant feelings towards the term Plus Size. Simply put it is because of the terms “othering.” That is to say, by utilizing the word Plus Size we are saying that there is something different, something that makes those categorized as Plus Size unworthy of respect and so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating our differences as they are what make us individuals, but othering is a whole different ball park. Why is this distinction so necessary? To determine the inflation in prices that comes with larger sizes? In creating a separate term to describe larger bodies, society has worked to create ideals of superior bodies and inferior bodies. Once again inflicting unnecessary negativity on another minority group.

            The last part of this loaded subject I want to unpack is the way that the word Plus Size impacts Women of Color, specifically Black Women. Firstly, I would like to pose this question. If Plus Size women are generally being presented as others, how far are Plus Size Black Women being presented down the “othering” spectrum? The negative connotations that go along with the terms Black and Plus Size combine to create a holy grail of backwards-archetypical stereotypes. From lazy, to sloppy, to attitudal, to overly sexualized, the intersectionality of Black Plus Size Women has created a cesspool of horrendous labels that should have died with minstrelsy. However, like many other causes, Civil Rights, Feminist, and now Body Positivity, Black Women are constantly forgotten. It’s almost as though Black Women have some sort of autonomy over which part of them gets discriminated against at a time. As I mentioned earlier, Plus Size Women are gaining visibility in the media, however these Plus Size Women tend to adhere to more Eurocentric beauty ideals. Take Adele and Melissa McCarthy, they are being praised for their unabashedly outlook on their bodies, as they should be. However, in the same vein why aren’t Danielle Brooks, Gabourey Sidibe, Jill Scott or Jasmine Sullivan getting the same praise? I think it is important to quickly note that in no way do I see this as a competition or race, but rather believe that representation matters and diversity should be addressed across the board. At the end of the day, I want beautiful Plus Size Black Women to get just as much positive reinforcement from the media as White and Lighter Skinned Plus Size Women.

            With all of this considered, I’m sure you can understand why I have such a hard time strictly defining my feelings towards the word Plus Size. I am comfortable in who I am and how I look, but I do take offense to the active process of othering and bigotry that comes along with created terms to define larger bodied women. Much like my digestion of images in the media, I have worked to remain unaffected by terms that only go as far as to address superficial aspects of who I am as a person. I work daily to generate self-love as an act of defiance. Each day as Plus Size women we are told our very existence is wrong, but each day we must work to celebrate, support, and love each other to confront these backwards notions.

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Spring Makeup Essentials

Hello Lovelies!

I hope your week is off to a great start! I know I have enjoyed my week thus far; but let’s be honest, I am ready for the weekend! Do you have any exciting weekend plans? I know I do! Well ,if you want to call binge watching the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt exiting. Either way, I’m ready to just chill out and take a break from answering emails.

   Anywho, today I am here to bring you a new post featuring my Spring Makeup Essentials. The key word here is essentials. Before creating this post I had to have a long and serious talk with myself, as I do sometimes, to narrow down the products that I love the most. Basically I wanted to highlight what I wear on a daily basis. Now, I think it is important to note that my makeup changes daily. However, these are the 7 products that I have found can get me from a day of meetings to a night out with friends.

Whats in my bag

  • The First two products are the holy grail of Face Products, Mac’s Mineralized Skinfinish and L’oreal True Match Foundation. These two products combine to give me glowing even toned skin that doesn’t look the least bit cakey. They are also great on sensitive skin like mine!
  • The next product is my favorite Lip Product, Maybelline’s ColorSensation Lipstick. I have it in a few colors, but the electric orange is by far my favorite shade. The formula of this lipstick is not only hydrating, but long lasting and super pigmented. This is my go to lipstick for the spring and summer months when I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup but still want to rock a fabulous and bright look. Also, this season is all about nude eyes and bold lips, so be sure to give this a try!
  • Now, this next product is not quite a makeup essential, but it still falls under beauty so I wanted to include it. I am obsessed with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nailpolishes. As you can guess from the name they dry almost instantly. But they do so much more. They go on smooth and offer great color payoff with just one coat! It is literally the perfect polish for a Girl On The Go! See what I did there 😉
  • Last but certainly not least are my favorite Eye Products, Rimmel’s  Scandaleyes Mascara, Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner, and Nyx’s “Nude” Matte Eyeshadow -nude is in quotes because of its problematic name, obviously not nude for everyone. Now, these three products are at the top of my list because of their lasting power. I have fairly small hooded eyes so I don’t like to put too many products on because I find them to either run or transfer to other parts of my lid. However, these three products can give me natural or bold looks without a problem!

I hope you have enjoyed this look into my Spring Makeup Essentials! What products do you love? Let me know, I am always looking to try new products.

P.S. Modest Truth Mag is currently doing a giveaway that features great spring beauty products. Click here to enter!

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Casual Culottes

culotte1Hello again!

I hope you all have been well. As you may have noticed, I have been on a brief hiatus while I worked on the launch of my magazine Modest Truth Mag! To say the last couple of months have been exciting would be an understatement. I have had the chance work with very talented creators to develop such meaningful content. Be sure to check out our latest issue by clicking here.

However, with the start of the new season and tons of trends I am ready to try out, I am back and ready to blog! Today’s post features one of the latest trends I’ve been dying to try, Culottes!  I was a bit concerened with how this renewed style of pant would look on my specific body type, but like most things, you just have to find one that suits you best. I think that is a very important thing to remember when trying trendy fashion. Every trend can work for you, but you may have to try a few variations before you find one that you can truly feel confident in! With that said I found these great Culottes from Old Navy and paired them with my favorite Leaopard Slip-On’s and a comfy White V-Neck. 

What trend are you most excited to try this season? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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Palazzos and Fro’s

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend, I know I have! I am sending another OOTD post your way. This time featuring these great palazzo pants from Jessica Simpson’s plus size line, a flowy top from UMGEE Plus, and platform sandals from Target to create this chic boho look. I love creating looks like this that are the right amount of boldness and comfort, because you know I’m all about the comfort. Check out the complete look below!






 How do you style chic boho looks?Thanks for reading!

Girl On The Go With A Fro

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all are doing well! I am here with another OOTD. As always, I am working to wear clothes that go outside of what plus sized women are told to wear. Today I did that by rocking this cute above the knee dress with a horizontal chevron pattern. Now, as it has been said in every fashion magazine distributed throughout the Western Hemisphere, we should “never wear horizontal stripes because they make us look larger.” However, I simply do not care. This bogus fashion rule is basically stating that somehow people will be surprised by the size of a plus sized body if stripes are worn. It’s as though people were somehow fooled and forgot that we were plus sized. Obviously this makes no sense, so I say where all the striped clothing your heart desires! I styled my stripped dress with cute black heels, a statement necklace, and my favorite accessory, my fro. Check it out!

34 2

Be sure to let me know what fashion rule you find to be absolutely wrong! Thanks for reading!

Girl On The Go With A Fro

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Hump Day! We are getting closer to Friday! As this week has gone by the southern heat has not let up one bit! This has meant that I have had to truly throw away any body insecurities I have in order to not die. This might a little dramatic, but I’m sure you catch my drift. Today’s leap towards complete body confidence came in the package of a peek-a-boo back tank. Never in a million years did I think I would rock a tank top that not only shows my back! But, here I am rocking it, loving it, and feeling confident in it. This top from Old Navy is great to experiment with peek-a-boo cuts. It’s small enough that I don’t feel exceptionally bear but bold enough that I feel like I’m taking a fashion risk. I styled it with a cute pair of black pants I got last summer from Lane Bryant and my favorite caged sandals. Check it out!




Be sure to let me know what fashion risks you have taken this summer! Have they helped improve your body confidence?Thanks for reading!

Girl On The Go With  A Fro

Upping the Casual

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week! I know I have, spending my days in record stores, with friends, and just enjoying these final days of summer.

Although summer is winding down, this heat is not. Somedays it is truly a struggle trying to find clothes that I feel like I wont pass out in. Most of these days, I opt for a very casual outfit. However, on this particular day I wanted to take a very casual and sporty top from Forever 21 and some how dress it up. I paired it with a leather skater skirt and these great heeled sandals from Anne Klein.

I think a top like this and a leather skirt are good staples to have because they transfer seamlessly between seasons. You can easily pair the top with a great jacket during cooler seasons and rock the skirt with boots or tights. Rest assure you will definitely see this pieces in many other posts. Even though they are fairly new buys, I am slowly becoming obsessed with them.




Thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know what styles you like to mix and match! I love getting new style inspiration!

Girl On The Go With A Fro

Comfy, Casual, and Chic

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week, I know I have! This week I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite bands when they performed in town on Wednesday! I had great seats and couldn’t wait to see them. However,  they were performing in an outdoor venue so I had the task of finding an outfit that was cool, comfy, casual but still chic, you never know when you might catch the eye of the guitarist. Although this task seemed daunting at first, the fashion gods smiled down on me when I took a spontaneous trip to Forever 21! There, I found this super cute and very flattering romper. Now, I have never found a romper that I truly liked because they often bunch in an odd way around my thighs. Thankfully this romper has very flowy shorts and a great drawstring accent just below the waist making this the perfect concert attire! I paired it with cute canvas sneakers, a gorgeous black and white clutch, and a bright pink lip. I was beyond comfortable and felt great in my outfit, not to mention I stayed cool in the humid summer weather. Check it out!




Be sure to let me know what your go to concert or festival attire is!

Thanks for reading!

Girl On The Go With A Fro